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Glam'r Gear® Standard Dance Duffel Bag with Built-In uHide® Rack

Glam'r Gear® Standard Dance Duffel Bag with Built-In uHide® Rack

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 Glam'r Gear® Standard (Medium) Mobile Changing Station™  has a built-in, patented uHide® Rack - Both ends of the bar extend and become the curtain bar! and they not only articulate but the bend towards you to create your own private dressing room / dressing booth / dressing room and for our customers in Canada, we are including the curtain as standard with each bag.

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teal glamr gear changing station

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Key Features

  • Privacy curtain (with uHide™ system)
  • Has more shimmer/sparkle
  • Weather, dirt, and dust resistant (sparkle colors). Black canvas is soft-feel and treated for weather resistance. 
  • Has a bright lining to make it easier to see and find things inside.
  • Maneuvers on 4- spinning wheels
  • Pocket/Strap System to Hold optional Stool (designed by Glam'r Gear!)
  • Can be set up fast and easily
  • Adjusts for two different heights -Standard is 142 cm (56") & 130 cm (51")
  • Has a sturdy rack
  • Can be zipped up while the hanging rack is in use!
  • Thermal Pouch for hot/cold snacks!
  • Cup/Drink Holder Pouch
  • NEW!  USB Port (must use your own portable battery)


    • Standard: Approx. 66 cm (26") Long x 41 cm (16") Wide x 44.5 cm (17.5") Deep.  Weighs approx 7.5kg (16-17 lbs)  and holds 6 - 9 costumes.
    • Compared to the Large which is Approx. 84 cm (33") Long x 46 cm (18") Wide x 48 cm (19") Deep.  Weighs approx. 8.5 kg (18-19 lbs) and hold  10-17 costumes.

Please note:

a. The measurements are estimated, as the bag is semi-soft, not a hard case.

b. Costume capacity is a suggestion, not absolute, as costumes may come in all different sizes and materials.

c. Due to different production runs, we do not claim or otherwise warrant that the color-tone of the bag you received will be the same as pictured.

d. The SAME handle is used on both the standard and large sizes of bags, so while it seems longer on the standard size, in reality, it is not (the large bag is simply taller).

 Included with Changing Station™ bag purchase:

      • Bag
      • Garment-Hanging Bar
      • Bar Stabilizer Set
      • One blank patch
      • USB port
      • One curtain

Want to Personalize your Patch?  Click Here!

If you’re planning air travel, a protective cover is a must!  Please remember to keep your bags under 50-lb!  Large-size is considered "oversize" by most airlines. 

Glam'r Gear® is the only brand with the uHide® rack, which extends out for use with a privacy curtain, and articulates to suit varying environments!  Glam'r Gear® is also the only bag that can be securely closed while the garment-hanging rack is in use!

The true original complete Mobile Changing Station, Ultimate, All-In-One dance bag.  It is USA Patented. AU Patented and Canada Patented.

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